Bryn Turnbull

BRYN TURNBULL is drawn to stories about women who were peripheral to major historical events. Her debut novel, The Woman Before Wallis, tells the story of Thelma Morgan Furness – better known as the woman who lost Edward, the Prince of Wales, to Wallis Simpson. THE WOMAN BEFORE WALLIS will be released by Mira in Spring 2020.

Born and raised in Toronto, Bryn received her Master of Letters in Creative Writing from the University of St. Andrews in Scotland. She also holds a Master of Professional Communication from Ryerson University in Toronto, and a Bachelor’s degree in English Literature from McGill University in Montreal.

With a penchant for fountain pens, antique furniture and traveling, Bryn is happiest either with a book in hand at her family cottage or with a book in hand exploring a new city. In any case, she’s sure to have a book stashed away somewhere.

Learn more about Bryn at, or follow her on Instagram at @BrynTurnbullWrites. Photo credit:

Turnbull - Woman Before Wallis