D.M. Quincy

D.M. QUINCY is the author of the Atlas Catesby historical mystery series set in Regency England and featuring a brilliant world traveling amateur sleuth. D.M. covered dozens of unsolved murders as a Washington, D.C. street reporter, which probably motivated her decision to pen her own stories in which a brilliant amateur detective always nabs the killer. As a U.S. Foreign Service brat, D.M. was bitten by the travel bug practically at birth and, like Atlas, tries to visit far-flung destinations as often as she can. When she isn’t hunched over her laptop researching ways for her villain to kill people, D.M. enjoys reading, forces her teenaged sons to spend time with her, devours foreign television mystery series on Netflix and plots her next travel adventure. You can visit D.M. at http://www.dmquincy.com/.

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