B. Alexandra Szerlip

B. ALEXANDRA SZERLIP was a two-time National Endowment for the Arts Writing Fellow, as well as a Yaddo and Hatch Fund fellow. She has edited dozens of books, written articles about literacy, Native Americans and 19th c. Oriental carpets (among other subjects), and conducted in-depth interviews with Pultizer poet W.S. Merwin, Chilean novelist Isabel Allende and Academy-Award-winning costume designer “Aggie” Guerard Rodgers.

Her design work includes three solo sculpture shows (mixed-media), an annotated map of Diego Rivera & Frida Kahlos’ adventures in San Francisco (1930 -1940), and two original notecard series (“Cultural Myths” and “Written Kisses”) for Pomegranate Publications (total of 54 images, international distribution).

Like Bel Geddes, her involvement in live theatre began early. Between the ages of twelve and eighteen, she was a member of a professional summer stock theatre company in upstate New York. More recently, she designed and ran lights and sound for three distinct productions in Edinburgh’s Fringe Festival.

a szerlip- the man who designed the future