Dr. Berit Brogaard

BERIT BROGAARD, D.M.Sci., Ph.D., is a Professor of Philosophy and the Director of the Brogaard Lab for Multisensory Research at the University of Miami. Her educational background includes a medical degree in neuroscience and a doctorate in philosophy. Her areas of research include perception, synesthesia, blindsight, consciousness, neuro-psychiatry and emotions. Brit has written over 100 peer-reviewed articles amd some four hundred popular articles on neuroscience and health issues.

She is the co-author of The Superhuman Mind (Hudson Street Press/Penguin) and author of Transient Truths (Oxford), On Romantic Love (Oxford) and Seeing and Saying (Oxford). Her work has been featured in various public media, including Nightline, ABC News, the Huffington Post, Fox News, MSNBC, Daily Mail, Modesto Bee, and Mumbai Mirror. She is also an editor of the international peer-reviewed philosophy journal Erkenntnis and was the first female President of the Central States Philosophical Association.  Photo by August Jennewein.

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