Dr. Christopher J. Ferguson

CHRISTOPHER J. FERGUSON, PhD. is a psychology professor at Stetson University where he does research on topics related to violent behavior and media influences.  He has published numerous scientific articles on these topics and been interviewed by numerous TV stations, radio programs and newspapers, particularly related to high profile violent crimes.  He was part of Vice President Joe Biden’s meetings on video games following the 2012 Sandy Hook shooting, and his work was cited in the 2011 Supreme Court Case Brown v EMA which concluded that violent video games did not pose a public health threat worthy of reducing First Amendment protections for video games.

In addition to his research, Ferguson has published a novel, Suicide Kings, which explores a young woman’s quest to discover her mother’s killer in Renaissance Florence.  He has also published a number of short stories, typically in genres related to science fiction, fantasy and horror.  He lives in the Orlando, FL area with his wife and son.  www.Christopherjferguson.com ; Twitter: CJFerguson1111

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