Dr. Elizabeth U. Murphy

DR. ELIZABETH U. MURPHY is a small-animal veterinarian and former Physician Assistant who has practiced for the past 17 years at the innovative and progressive Broad Ripple Animal Clinic and Wellness Center in Indianapolis, Indiana. Aided by her experience in human medicine, she uses many of the strategies commonly used in human medicine, gerontology and occupational therapy to help her veterinary patients age slowly and age well. Dr. Murphy is a regular contributor to the National Public Radio show,  “Sound Medicine” (soundmedicine.org), a weekly radio magazine about human medicine and health. As the show’s “healthy pet expert”, she points out the many surprising parallels between human and veterinary medicine.  Her goal in providing veterinary education in this forum – a thoughtful show focused on human medical issues – is to encourage listeners to take the health of their pets as seriously as they take their own health. She continues this education on her blog (ageproofyourdog.wordpress.com), where Dr. Murphy presents the newest information on canine aging research and provides reliable information that readers use to make sound health decisions for their dogs.

a murphy- how to age proof your dog