Dr. Jo Boaler

DR. JO BOALER is a Professor of Mathematics Education at Stanford University. She was also the chair of the Curriculum and Teacher Education area group. Professor Boaler is a former secondary school teacher of mathematics and has taught in diverse, inner London comprehensive schools, across the 11-18 age range. Her PhD won the national award for educational research in the UK, and she is the author of numerous articles and seven books. Professor Boaler specializes in the impact of different mathematics teaching approaches upon student understanding, achievement and equity. Her book: Experiencing School Mathematics won the ‘Outstanding Book of the Year’ award for education in Britain. She is an elected fellow of the Royal Society of Arts (Great Britain), a former president of the International Organisation for Women and Mathematics Education (IOWME) and a recipient of an ‘Early Career Award’ from the National Science Foundation in the US.

Her book What’s Math Got to Do With It? (Viking/Penguin 2008) aims to increase public understanding of the importance of mathematics, and the nature of teaching and learning. She is currently working with members of the British Government and with the Specialist Schools and Academies Trust to bring effective research based approaches into schools. Please visit her website at http://ed.stanford.edu/faculty/joboaler.

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