Dr. Kandi Wiens

USA Today bestselling author DR. KANDI J. WIENS is a Senior Fellow at The University of Pennsylvania, a burnout expert, national speaker, and executive coach. She has extensive teaching experience in the PennCLO Executive Doctoral Program and in many Wharton Executive Education programs and writes frequently for Harvard Business Review. In her book, BURNOUT IMMUNITY: How Emotional Intelligence Can Help You Build Resilience and Heal Your Relationship with Work (HarperCollins, 2024), Dr. Wiens shares how her personal struggles with burnout led her on a research quest to unravel the mystery of why some people are immune to burnout, and offers leaders in high-stress roles the latest science-backed strategies to protect themselves against the public health epidemic assailing millions of workers worldwide.

For more information, visit www.kandiwiens.com or connect with Kandi on LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook.