Dr. Michael Scheeringa

MICHAEL SCHEERINGA M.D., professor and Vice Chair at Tulane University, is the author of Treating PTSD in Preschoolers: A Clinical Guide.  During 25 years as a clinician, award-winning research child psychiatrist, and pioneer in the study of trauma-related problems in young children, Dr. Scheeringa has discovered that there are many things about stress and trauma that are misunderstood.

He founded the Child Counseling Associates clinic for children, the Kid Catch Foundation, and directs Tulane’s adult outpatient clinic and a postdoctoral research fellowship.  His writings and training workshops have trained thousands of clinicians around the world on how to understand and treat traumatized children.  He has authored numerous scientific papers and carried out a series of studies of posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD) in youth, specializing in very young children.

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