Dr. Howard Murad

HOWARD MURAD, M.D. world-renowned skin care expert and leading authority on aging, is a board-certified dermatologist, trained pharmacist, and Associate Clinical Professor of Medicine (Dermatology) at the Geffen School of Medicine, UCLA. Dr. Murad has personally treated over 50,000 patients in his LA based medical center. In 1989 he founded Murad, Inc. (www.murad.com) as a way to further share his groundbreaking skincare formulas, which were among the first to achieve significant measurable anti-aging results without surgery. Dr. Murad continues his innovative research and holds 18 patents for advances in the science of skin health. He has authored numerous articles with nationally recognized publications, such as Cosmetic Dermatology, and three books including The Murad Method, Wrinkle-Free Forever, and The Cellulite Solution. Dr. Murad’s products are also a constant feature in national and international publications and have won numerous awards.

His latest book The Water Secret: The Cellular Breakthrough to Look and Feel 10 Years Younger, uncovers the mystery of how to take control of the aging process. Based on three-decades of research, Dr. Murad conclusively demonstrates that the fundamental marker of youthful good health and true age is the ability of the cell membrane to effectively hold and utilize water. This compelling account of his discoveries sets forth an easy to adopt battle plan for optimizing cellular strength, youthfulness and health through an integrated approach he calls Inclusive Health.

a murad- the water secret