Jim Kape

JIM KAPE’S love of wood and natural materials began at a very young age when he followed his father to work sites in remote rural Wyoming. As his father wired houses, at the age of 5, Jim was using a woodburning toy to make pictures in scrap 2 by 4’s laying around the job site. It was later in life when the load of work and personal life became so heavy that an outlet was necessary. He turned back to wood and the basics of leatherworking. The creative spark that was hidden for so long exploded into sudden brilliance.

Jim’s outlet of design and art settled into woodworking and chess set design. His Notre Dame chess set has won awards both in Utah and Arizona, and will soon be published in the Scrollsaw and Woodcrafts Magazine. Jim’s other unique chess set designs will be published by Fox Chapel Publishing in his first book. Jim lives in Arizona, with his wife, young son, mother in law, two bulldogs, and several pure-bred cats. You can see what is going on with Jim and his wood addiction at (www.sawdustdreams.blogspot.com).

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