Dr. Joshua Turknett

JOSHUA TURKNETT, M.D. is a clinical neurologist and researcher, pursuing new treatments for neurological disorders like stroke, Alzheimer’s, neuropathy, Parkinson’s, and migraine. He has a special interest in the role of nutrition and lifestyle on neurological illness, a topic he writes about it at his blog atwww.savethesynapse.com. Dr. Turknett is a graduate of Wesleyan University and the Emory University School of Medicine. He is also a multi-instrumentalist and music teacher, and writes the “Your Brain on Banjo” column for the Banjo Newsletter where he discusses how to exploit brain plasticity to enhance musical learning. Dr. Turknett lives in Atlanta, GA with his wife Jenny, a food writer for the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, their two children, and an ever-expanding collection of banjos.

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