Kaitlin Ugolik

Over the past decade, journalist KAITLIN UGOLIK has reported and written on everything from civil litigation to sex robots, eventually carving out a beat at the intersection of health, technology, and the brain. Her work has appeared in Columbia Journalism Review, Quartz, VICE, Lifehacker, Narratively and The Establishment, among other places online and in print. She also writes a blog, On Empathy, where she summarizes recent news and research on behavioral science, especially as it relates to empathy and the way people communicate.

She received a bachelor’s degree in journalism from Elon University and a master’s degree from the Columbia University Graduate School of Journalism. She has spent most of her journalism career in New York but recently moved back home to North Carolina, where she edits a health policy journal and lives in Morrisville with her husband and two cats. Follow her for tweets about health, science, empathy, and baking.

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