Karina Inkster

KARINA INKSTER┬áis a fitness, nutrition, and healthy living coach with a Master’s degree in Gerontology. Specializing in health and aging, Karina works with her clients to create long-term health and fitness results that will increase the quality of the rest of their lives. Karina offers individual and small group fitness training, nutrition counselling, health and wellness seminars, as well as online coaching and consulting.

Born and raised in Vancouver, BC, Karina has been weight training, swimming, running, cycling, and power yoga-ing her way to fitness since 2003. Karina has been vegetarian since 1999 and vegan since 2003. When she’s not training her clients, writing, or working out, you’ll find Karina playing accordion, piano, or Australian didgeridoo; creating miniature paper filigree sculptures; or sneaking spinach into her husband’s smoothies.

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