Louis A. Del Monte

LOUIS A. DEL MONTE  is an award-winning physicist, bestselling author, featured speaker and the chief executive officer of Del Monte and Associates, Inc. During his over 30-year career as physicist/business executive at IBM (1968-1971) and later at Honeywell (1972-2001), he led the development of microelectronics and sensors, developed patents fundamental to the fabrication of integrated circuits, and achieved Honeywell’s highest awards in both scientific and human resource management.

Del Monte’s media exposure includes both television and radio interviews, over 25,000 Twitter followers, over 250,000 Facebook post reads per year, almost 12,000 Google Plus followers accounting for over 2,100,000 post reads and over 40,000 visitors per year to his Science Q&A Blog. Major magazines like the Business Insider, The Huffington Post and The Atlantic have featured his articles or quoted his views on technology.

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