Michael Mehta Webster

MICHAEL MEHTA WEBSTER is an expert in ecology, conservation, philanthropy, and executive leadership, as well as an ardent nature enthusiast.  He is currently a Research Scientist in the Environmental Studies Department at New York University and will be a Visiting Professor of Practice at Cornell University’s Department of Natural Resources & the Environment as of Fall 2021.  Michael is the author of The Rescue Effect, which is an optimistic exploration about how people and nature can save life on earth.

During his professional career – as the Executive Director of the Coral Reef Alliance, a Program Officer at the Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation, and an academic scientist – Michael has led efforts to connect cutting-edge science to protecting species and ecosystems in the wild.  Michael earned his Ph.D. at Oregon State University, and his B.S. in Zoology from the University of Wisconsin.  Photo Credit:  Avani Mehta Sood