Nick Perry

Edgar Award winning author NICK PERRY is a native of New Zealand, where he grew up in a family steeped in newspaper tradition. His late grandfather was a renowned cricket writer who covered the sport for some 60 years.

Perry began his career at The New Zealand Herald in 1998 before moving to Seattle. He has worked at The Seattle Times since 2002 and has covered the higher-education beat for the past three years. Recently, he has written about the runaway debt burden shouldered by today’s students, fraternity deaths, and the university provost who was stripped of his title after getting into a shoving match with another administrator. Perry and his wife have two children, aged 5 and 2.

Perry has won a George Polk Award as well as two national honors from the Education Writers Association. He is the co-author, with Ken Armstrong, of the Edgar Award winning book Scoreboard, Baby.

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