Todd Mitchem

TODD MITCHEM—a lifelong disruptor—challenges everything in his business career as well as in his personal life. A father of three and an authentic leader, Todd’s captivating and insightful mindset moves business forward. Throughout his career, Todd’s work with multiple industries has helped leaders overhaul their companies and lead their executive teams to success.

Today, Todd has returned to the corporate world where he coalesces the best of start-up ideas into corporations. Having been immersed in the cannabis industry for nearly four years, Todd brings insightful and disruptive ideas and applies them to the corporate structure, workplace culture, and message delivery.

His dynamic, energetic, and upbeat personality is truly authentic. Todd not only guides companies and leaders to success but he also exhilarates audiences with his Keynotes and Presentations. Todd has delivered more than 2,000 presentations globally, and has been featured on every major news outlet in the world.  While being covered on CNN, CNBC, NBC, FOX News, The Wall Street Journal, The Financial Times, Fast Company, and Forbes, Todd has leveraged his unique ability to deliver a clearly articulated message in a way that inspires and changes lives.

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