Michele Dunaway

In first grade, MICHELE DUNAWAY wanted to be a teacher. In second grade, she wanted to be a writer. By third grade, she decided to be both and set out to achieve those dreams. Now a bestselling contemporary author, Michele loves to travel, with the places she visits often inspiring her novels.

She loves creating second chance romances and telling stories about characters who discover things about themselves as they travel the road to true love and self-fulfillment. She is the author of the Love in the Valley series for Harlequin Special Edition. The Love in the Valley series features a finding true love in a quaint Missouri River town located in the wine country west of St. Louis.

Michele recently retired from an award-winning high school English and journalism teaching career. She’s a mom of two grown daughters and several rescue cats. (The cats, of course, completely rule the roost.) An avid baker, Michele describes herself as a woman who does way too much but never wants to stop, especially when it comes to creating fiction, or baking brownies and chocolate chip cookies.