Nina Benneton

When NINA BENNETON and her family first arrived in America many years ago, she took one look at the front lawns of her new neighborhood and thought ‘Gosh! These Americans are indeed a blessed race. They even got the gods to give them the power to grow trees in perfect geometric shapes.’ Inspired, she spent years making her family proud by trying to achieve the American dream—college, graduate school, gainful employment, then conquering the world and winning a Nobel Prize in something. A wonderful husband and three beautiful children interrupted her attaining the last two goals, though the family promised she could resume her campaign once the nest is emptied.

In the meantime, armed with a laptop, a stack of tabloid magazines, and a dog-eared Jane Austen novel, Nina started writing. On the same week that she signed with the Marsal Lyon Literary Agency and sold Compulsively Mr. Darcy(Sourcebooks), Nina went to the local nursery to look for trees with perfect geometric shapes to plant in her yard. She is hard at work on her third novel.