Tamra Baumann

TAMRA BAUMANN is an award-winning author who writes lighthearted contemporary romance. Always a voracious reader, she picked up her first romance novel off the bestseller table in her favorite bookstore and was forever hooked. (Thank you, Nora Roberts!)

She lives in the southwest where the sun shines most every day and the sunsets steal her breath away. She has two kids, both bilingual in English and sarcasm, and a dog who is addicted to Claritin because he’s allergic to grass. Her husband, who gamely tolerates her many book-boyfriends, has been her real-life boyfriend for almost thirty years.

Her debut novel will be published by Montlake Publishing December 2014. Stop by and say hi at www.tamrabaumann.com.   

a baumann- it had to be love a baumann- matching mr. right  a baumann- perfectly ms. matched   a baumann matched for love  a baumann seeing double a baumann plotting for murder  a baumann a novel way to die