Our Agency’s mission is to help writers achieve their publishing dreams. We want to work with authors not just for a book but for a career — we are dedicated to building long-term relationships with our authors and publishing partners.

Our goal is to help find homes for books that engage, entertain, and make a difference. From conception, through a collaborative and engaged editorial process, to finding a publisher and beyond, we partner with our authors to ensure success in finding the right publisher and long term success on the market.

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Nichole Severn's BLACKHAWK SECURITY series, in which an elite team of specialists with backgrounds ranging from ex-special forces to profiling, offers protective services for clients whose lives are endangered, but there's more at stake than saving lives -- they must also save their futures, in a 4-book deal.

Kristin Helms and Meg Stone’s Grace + Oak an inspiring collection of poems paired with fresh and chic photographs that speak to the creative soul that lives within every woman who strives to achieve her dreams.

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