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Gary Dudney’s More Tao of Running: Finding Your Inner Strengths offers new ways for runners to tap into the resources deep within their minds to conquer their running goals, discover the joy of running, connect running to their spiritual and emotional lives, and cope with the hardest parts of running using funny and illuminating stories to engage runners of all stripes: beginners, road runners, marathoners, trail runners and those just thinking about running for the first time.

Jessica Lourey’s Mercy's Chase, the sequel to Salem's Cipher, in which newly-hired FBI cryptanalyst Salem Wiley is sent to Europe to observe the Hermitage Foundation, where she discovers that their anti-female political and religious deception traces all the way back to the Malleus Malificarum, and that Mercy, a mysterious child with the power to rewrite history, is the key to uncovering the ultimate truth.

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