Shannon Hassan

Shannon Hassan has been an agent at Marsal Lyon for over a decade. She represents upmarket adult fiction, middle grade fiction, and young adult fiction and has New York Times and USA Today bestselling authors on her list.  She looks for contemporary and historical stories with a fresh perspective and big hook. She received her JD from Harvard and her BA from George Washington University. She lives in Boulder, Colorado, and served on the board of The Dairy Arts Center.

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Her wishlist is here:

A sample of books Shannon has represented:

For kids: INSIGNIFICANT EVENTS IN THE LIFE OF A CACTUS, the best-selling middle grade series by Dusti Bowling (Union Square),  THE MYSTERY OF LOCKED ROOMS, the NEW YORK TIMES and USA TODAY bestselling middle grade series by Lindsay Currie (Sourcebooks), OVER AND OUT, a historical middle grade novel by Jenni Walsh (Scholastic), and INDIGO AND IDA, a contemporary middle grade novel by Heather Murphy Capps (Lerner).

For young adults: IN 27 DAYS, a speculative YA novel by Alison Gervais (HarperCollins) soon to be a TV series from SONY’s Affirm Films, DIE YOUNG WITH ME (Simon & Schuster), an ALA award-winner by Rob Rufus, THOSE WHY PREY, a YA thriller by Jennifer Moffett (Atheneum), and LIKE SPILLED WATER, a contemporary YA novel by Jennie Liu (Lerner).

For adults:  UNSINKABLE, a USA TODAY bestselling historical/women’s novel by Jenni L.  Walsh (Harper Muse), THE LUNAR HOUSEWIFE, a suspense novel by Caroline Woods (Doubleday), HORSES OF FIRE; DAUGHTERS OF BRONZE, a historical epic by A.D. Rhine (Dutton), and the DARK PARADISE mystery series by Debra Bokur (Kensington).

Twitter: @ShannonHassan, Instagram: @litagentshannon