Chris Deaver and Ian Clawson

CHRIS DEAVER is a culture shaper. He’s influenced Fortune 500s from the inside, including the first trillion-dollar company, Apple. Chris is co-Founder of BraveCore, a leadership consultancy shaping the future by helping leaders be more creative and creatives be better leaders. He’s a regular contributor to Fast Company, featured in The Wall Street Journal, EntrepreneurThe Financial Times, Business Insider, The Economic Times, Entrepreneur, The Huffington Post, Fortune, The Washington Post, USA Today, Yahoo, Thrive Global, Influencive, Engadget, and CNET.  He’s partnered with Vurvey on research of 30,000 creators, exploring how to better co-create experiences with customers and employees (including Nike, etc.). He’s developed landmark studies of the most innovative teams, partnering with Stanford and Harvard professors.

IAN CLAWSON is co-Founder of BraveCore, co-host of the Lead with a Question podcast, and is a regular contributor to Fast Company. He’s had work featured in The Wall Street JournalInfluenciveEngadgetDisrupt Magazine, and CNET. Ian has led large teams and cultures through transformation with a background in Healthcare leadership. As an Administrator, he oversaw a multi-million-dollar skilled nursing facility operation in Silicon Valley that helps the sick and elderly recover from challenges. Ian continues to advise startup founders and professionals contributing to 10x growth through leadership development and coaching. He has a past life in the field of marketing with the skillset of a copywriter and storyteller having a passion for connecting products to consumers. He earned a degree at BYU-Hawaii in International Cultural Studies where he developed a high interest in World Philosophy and Communication Theory.