Sara Azari

SARA AZARI is a criminal defense attorney and media contributor, providing legal commentary, hosting and expert analysis on a variety of television programs, talk shows and new broadcasts including CNN, HLN, ABC’s Good Morning America and World News, Crime Watch Daily, The Doctors, CBS, MSNBC, Daily Mail TV, and other talk shows and cable news shows.

A graduate with honors from University of California Los Angeles and Southwestern Law School, Sara leads the Law Office of Sara Azari, a premier boutique law firm based in Los Angeles where she represents individuals and entities accused of criminal misconduct in investigation and cases in state and federal district courts across the nation.   She has earned a reputation as a tough and aggressive attorney, receiving numerous awards and recognitions during the past decade. Sara is multi-lingual, speaking French, Portuguese, Spanish, Farsi and English. Her first book is “Unprecedented: A Simple Guide to the Crimes of the Trump Campaign and Presidency” (Spring 2020).  Photo Credit: John Schell

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