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Sold! Kirkus Prize nominee Valerie Bowman’s next Regency romance, the fourth in her Playful Brides series, pitched as loosely based on The Philadelphia Story, in which a spitfire debutante’s potential engagement party gets complicated when her handsome army captain husband shows up refusing to grant her the annulment she was certain he wanted, again to St. Martin’s, in a three-book deal.


Colette Ballard’s TEMPORARY HIGH, in which a seventeen-year-old girl feels in control of everything in her life until the man who almost destroyed it years earlier reappears to collect a debt, and paying up means she must not only break the law, but also the heart of the only guy she’s ever fallen for, to Spencer Hill Press.


Lois Sepahban’s middle-grade novel, Lantern Wishes. The novel follows Manami and her family as they are sent to a Japanese internment camp, where it is up to Manami to find the strength to keep her family together.


Congratulations to Colette Ballard on Fantastic Awards Success!

A huge congrats to Colette Ballard for an amazing run of awards success for her debut young adult novel RUNNING ON EMPTY (Tulip Romance/Spencer Hill Press)! Check out this fantastic list of the books’ wins:

*WINNER 2014 Winter Rose Award of Excellence! (Young Adult)
*2nd PLACE WINNER of The New England Reader’s Choice Bean Pot Award! (Romantic Suspense)

*2nd PLACE WINNER in the 2014 Write Touch Readers’ Award Contest! (Young Adult)
*FINALIST in The Colorado Romance Writer’s Award of Excellence! (Young Adult/ New Adult)
*FINALIST in ACRA’s Heart of Excellence contest! (Young Adult)
*FINALIST in Georgia Romance Writers’ Published Maggie Awards! (Young Adult)

Sold! Paris Paysanne: A Culinary Traveler’s Guide to Paris by Emily Dilling

Paris Paysanne by Emily Dilling takes the reader on a tour of the local, independent producers at Paris markets while offering over 100 simple yet elegant seasonal recipes shared and inspired by the producers themselves. The first book to acquaint the reader with the farmers of the city’s organic markets, Paris Paysanne speaks to the informed food lover, the experienced and beginner francophile chef, the inquisitive traveller, and the Paris lover alike.


International League of Conservation Photographers fellow and National Outdoor Book Award winner Krista Schlyer’s ALMOST ANYWHERE, a poignant exploration of our place in the natural world, chronicling a healing and sometimes humorous adventure through national parks and other wild places, for publication in Fall 2015.